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    Torque Wrench, Adj. Click Type, U.S., Fixed-Ratchet, 10-50 in. lb., 1/4' drive

    Varenummer QD1R50

    ØGuaranteed: Guaranteed Accuracy: Within ± 4% clockwise and ± 6% counterclockwise from 20% of full scale to full scale. Additional Features: The QD Series of click-type Torque Instruments feature an innovative design that provides consistently accurate readings and rugged, troublefree performance. Certificate of Calibration. A Certificate of Calibration is packed with every QD Series Torque Instrument. Actual certification readings and individual instrument serial number are included. Each torque instrument, as calibrated at the factory, is certified to meet the accuracy specified in ANSI B107.14M-1994 and was calibrated on a torque standard traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST). Accuracy. All QD Series Torque Instruments are accurate to ±4% clockwise and ±6% counterclockwise from 20% of full scale to full scale. Long Life Ratchet Head. QD Series Torque Instruments feature the Snap-on® High Strength Sealed Ratchet Head. Sealed ratchet heads keep out dirt and moisture while being virtually maintenance free. U.S. Patent 4,934,220 applies to all QD Series Ratchet Head Models. U.S. Patent 6,125,722 applies to 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drive Ratchet Head Models only. Minimal Friction "Hour Glass" Cam. Retains and releases lubricant where needed to reduce friction. Laser Marked Scale. Easier reading with varying light sources. Positive Stop. Instrument can not be accidentally disassembled if wound down past scale. Long-Term Protection. Each instrument includes a storage case. �

    Torque Wrench, Electronic, TECHWRENCH, Flex Ratchet, 24 to 240 in. lbs., 1/4' drive

    Varenummer TECH1FR240

    ØDescription: TECHWRENCH® FEATURES Accuracy (Ratchet Models) 2%CW, 3% CCW. Accuracy (Interchangeable Head models) 4% CW, 6% CCW. Each button has ONLY one function (power on, select unit of measure, increase fastener torque setting, decrease fastener torque setting). All models include 3 "AA" batteries for power. Comfortable, non-slip grip handle. Stand on handle bottom keeps tool from rolling off flat surface. Flex-head ratchet moves 15°. All models have a Low Battery Indicator and Auto-Shut-Off (after 2 minutes idle). Designed to withstand shocks without failure. Splash-proof, protects against water and most automotive shop fluid. CE Conformity. Includes storage case. �

    1/4' Momentverktøy