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    2.2OZ BRASS

    Varenummer HSPI6KT7

    Blue-Point 450 gr kulehammer m glassfiberskaft

    Varenummer BPN16B

    Blue-Point kulehammer med glassfiberskaft 450gram

    Blue-Point 900 gr kulehammer m glassfiberskaft

    Varenummer BPN32B

    Blue-Point kulehammer med glassfiberskaft 900 gram

    Blue-Point verkstedhammer 1360 Gr

    Varenummer BH143A

    Blue-Point hammer 1360 gram

    Hammer, Ball Peen, 12 oz.

    Varenummer BPN12B

    Hammer, Ball Peen, 8 oz.

    Varenummer BPN8B

    Hammer, Plastic Tip, 16 oz.

    Varenummer HBPT16

    Snap-on dødslaghammer 700gr

    Varenummer HBFE24

    ØAdditional Features: Soft Grip Handle with ribbed, textured elastomer grip prevents hand slippage. Composite Handle Shank improves balance while defusing shock and dampening vibration. Compact Head Design concentrates power delivery. Heavier caps add weight and improve the force of delivery. Internal Steel Canister features a free-flowing steel shot design that improves dead blow action while reducing rebound. Improved Thermoplastic Urethane Material is non-sparking and resistant to most shop chemicals. Multi-Position Hand Grip features a ribbed thumb rest allowing user to choke up in tight work areas. Extra Wide Flaring on Grip End helps prevent hammer from slipping out of hand. High Visibility Red Color for easy identification. �

    Snap-on dødslaghammer 900gr

    Varenummer HBFE32

    Snap-on "dødslaghammer" 900 gram