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    Speil forØ 5,5mm BK5500-13 BK5500-13-2

    Snap-on batterilader EEBC500INT

    Kabel for EEBC500INT EEBC5CABLE-E

    Sylinderlekkasjetester, Snap-on EEPV509

    Snap-on sylinderlekkasjetester. M14X1,25 kort og lang adapter medfølger

    Inspeksjonsspeil 65x95mm, teleskop 171-755mm UIM2NR

    Speil med :
    • Kuleledd som holder speilhodet fast i alle vinkler
    • Langt, solit og lett rustfritt stålhåndtak
    • Kraftig grep hindrer at speilet glir i våte eller oljete hender
    • Justerer fra171 -755mm • Rektangulært hode med målene 65mmx95mm

    High-Pressure Smoke Machine and Leak Finder, Blue-Point EELD600HD

    • Use in 12 and 24 V trucks up to class 8
    • Output pressure 3–43.5 PSI, (69 mbar to 3 bar)
    • Digital pressure selection is quick and display is easy to view with no difficult analog regulator to adjust
    • Convenient wireless RF remote allows the tech to operate from around the vehicle
    • Patented UltraTraceUV® non-contaminating dye solution pinpoints leaks smoke alone can’t, with dye marking the spot after the smoke is gone
    • Self calibrates at every start up to ensure accuracy
    • Micro-processor controlled single button touch for all functions
    • Smart Technology Software reduces thinning of smoke density at all pressures
    • Auto-Drain water separator and filter removes fluid from shop compressor
    • Warning: DO NOT use this tester in the fuel evaporative EVAP system, due to its high pressure capability
    • Larger diameter optional adaptors required for some applications

    6 pc Turbo Adaptor Set for EELG600HD, Blue-Point EELD600HD-1

    • Set includes EELD600HD-1A–EELD600HD-1F in carry case

    Turbo Adaptor 110, 115, 120 mm for EELG600HD, Blue-Point EELD600HD-2

    • Turbo Adaptor 110, 115, 120 mm

    Turbo Adaptor 125, 130, 135 mm for EELG600HD, Blue-Point EELD600HD-3

    • Turbo Adaptor 125, 130, 135 mm

    Stethoscope, Engine, Electronic YA6930

    Description • Electronic Stethoscope amplifies sound during diagnosis or verification of proper vehicle operation • Use to pinpoint faulty bearings, injectors, squeaks, rattles and more • Mode selection switch with LED indicator easily switches between the sound and vibration functions • Noise cancellation feature eliminates background noise • Studio style headphone set with tangle-free cord • Detachable flex wand with LED illuminated tip • Rotary volume control • Lightweight and balanced with ergonomic comfort grip

    Tool, Wire Terminal GA500A

    Computer Memory Saver, Blue-Point YA960

    • Prevents memory loss on digital radios, clocks, door locks and computers when disconnecting a vehicle battery
    • Plugs into cigarette lighter socket
    • Uses a 9 V battery to keep "memories" alive for up to four continuous hours

    Sonde for BK5500 5,5mm 91cm lang* BK5500-13

    Ekstra tynn sonde for Snap-on BK5500 og BK6000 videokamera med innebygget lys. Kun 5,5mm i diameter. Diameter med påmontert medfølgende speil 5,8mm. Speilet oppbevares i egen lomme på sonden når det ikke er i bruk. Total lengde 91 cm

    Passion Point - bajonettsagblader


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