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    11IN LONG NO

    Varenummer BDG911CP

    2PC 16IN PLI

    Varenummer BDGPL200XLR

    Pliers, Needle Nose, Long Handle, 14 1/2'

    Varenummer 915CP

    ØDescription: Long Handle Additional Description: STORK® needle nose pliers to the rescue! The design of a STORK® pliers means reach and application advantage at every turn. Long, slim jaws and flush-riveted joints enable pliers to reach into recessed areas. Rounded jaw edges minimize nicks to wire when making loops or bends. Jaw tips are perfectly aligned and feature machined rather than stamped teeth for precise gripping with positive control. Designed for tremendous gripping strength, these pliers are ideally suited to electrical and electronic work, holding pins or small components. Models have a natural steel finish and a tough, clear coating to help protect against corrosion. Note: Also see our full line of Electronic-Type Pliers and Cutters. �

    Spisstang 8'

    Varenummer BDG98CP

    Spisstang bøyd 400mm, Blue-Piont

    Varenummer BDG91645CP